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Domestic Air Freight | Expedited Air Shipping

Domestic Air Freight Services

Same Day Air Cargo Delivery


24 Hour Shipping & Delivery Service • 365 Days a Year

Whether you are shipping time-critical packages or need to deliver a product thousands of miles away, the Diligent Delivery Systems expedited air cargo shipping service guarantees dependability when you need it most.

By utilizing our efficient expedited air freight services, you can offer deliveries to every zip code in the United States and Canada, which allows your business to provide superior customer service. Air cargo transportation decreases shipping time and also allows greater control over inventory.


Secure, On-Time Delivery

Air freight can lower your shipping costs on certain commodities and often retains goods superior condition upon arrival. Diligent Delivery Systems offers flexible air freight options to ensure your cargo arrives when you need it to arrive.

We handle shipments of any size without any weight limitations. Palletized goods are assembled and secured by nets and straps before being loaded as a unit onto an airplane. Loose cargo is loaded and unloaded onto airplanes (or Unit Load Device) by airline employees as separate packages. Air freight shipping costs are based on actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater. Our services include tracking your shipments by monitoring them in the air and on the ground to ensure a safe, timely delivery.


Your Total Delivery Solution

Customers turn to Diligent Delivery Systems because of our hard-earned reputation as one of the most reliable domestic air freight forwarders in the nation. You will work directly with an Air Cargo Expert to determine the most efficient and cost-effective logistics for air shipping and distribution of your freight via express trucking to its target destination. When you partner with Diligent Delivery Systems, you receive the highest quality logistics services in the air and over-the-road.


Diligent Delivery Systems Domestic Air Freight Services includes:


Domestic Air Freight Services

  • Same Day Flight Delivery
  • Priority / Overnight: By 12:00 pm
  • Regular Next Day: By 5:00 pm
  • Economy: 3-5 Day Delivery
  • All Air Freight Services are TSA Approved


AOG - Aircraft On Ground Services

  • Accommodating Time Sensitive Parts On The First Flight Available


NFO - Next Flight Out Air Services

  • Door-To-Door
  • Door-To-Airport
  • Airport-To-Airport
  • Airport-To-Door
  • Hold For Pickup
  • Drop Ship Services


Counter-To-Counter Services

  • Hand Carry Service - Provides a dedicated courier in transit with your shipment
  • Small to Medium Shipments

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